Shack Mobile | San Francisco Bay Area Food Truck

When New England-native Russell Deutsch attended an Oakland A’s/Boston Red Sox game dressed in full Red Sox regalia, he expected to stand out like a sore thumb. Much to his surprise, the stadium was packed with Red Sox fans. Russell looked out at the sea of red and white and thought, “There’s a business here.”

Russell already had plenty experience in the lobster business under his belt. Exporting lobster from Portland, Maine since 1990, he relocated to Santa Rosa, California with his wife in 2001. His baseball epiphany got the wheels turning, and by 2006 the Old Port Lobster Shack restaurant was bringing New England-style seafood to appreciative West Coasters.

Unlike most food trucks that start out as an alternative to a brick-and-mortar location, ShackMobile offers their wonderful lobster rolls, chowder, and bisque as a way of promoting the Old Port Lobster restaurants (one in Redwood City and one in Portola Valley). The ShackMobile sports an abbreviated version of their restaurant menu with the most popular item, by far, being their Maine “Lobstah” Roll.

The Shack Mobile’s lobster roll can be summed up in one word: simplicity. You can order it “naked”—where it’s up to you to add the drawn butter and mayo—or “mixed,” where the high-quality, fresh lobster claw and knuckle meat are combined with just enough ingredients to showcase its sweet flavor. “Too many people put too many things in their lobster rolls,” Russell insists. “I use a New England-style hot dog bun, which means it has no crusts on the sides. We butter it, we grill it, then we fill it up with the best lobster meat flown in three times a week from Maine. We mix it very lightly with just a little bit of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, a little bit of green onion, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, and that’s it.” The combination works. In fact, it was the critic’s choice at the 2010 New York Lobster Roll Rumble.

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The awning is genius!

Can’t go wrong with 2 lobster rolls in 1 box.