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The origins of the Old Port Lobster Shack actually arose serendipitously through a fated meeting resulting from a bumped plane ride. Paul Blatt, a friend and business associate of Old Port Lobster Shack’s owner, Russell Deutsch, was en route from Boston to San Francisco when he was bumped from a flight. Blatt was rerout- ed through Washington, D.C., and sat next to Lynn Brown, who was in D.C. on business. Brown was in charge of regulatory affairs for Guidant, a Santa Clara manufacturer of heart stents, and had been meeting with the Food and Drug Administration. Blatt and Brown hit it off and had a wonderful flight, exchanging phone numbers at the end. That night, when Blatt got home, he called Deutsch and told him, “I just met your future wife.”

Deutsch grew up in the Boston area and was in the lobster exporting business, pri- marily to Switzerland. Brown was born and raised in the Bay Area. Deutsch called Brown, and the chemistry was there to keep the calls coming. Brown decided to meet Deutsch in person, so she flew to Boston to visit her sister, Joanne. Thirteen weeks later, at a surprise birthday party for Brown, Deutsch gave her the ultimate birthday gift: a proposal of marriage. Delightfully, she accepted!



Few meals equal the joy of eating fresh, succulent lobster! At Old Port Lobster Shack, you will find a genuinely authentic New England lobster shack. To really enjoy lobster at its peak, it must be eaten fresh. Freezing the lobster toughens the meat. Old Port Lobster Shack flies in fresh lobsters several times a week. Be prepared to eat the freshest lobster on the West Coast!
Old Port Lobster Shack’s lobster roll is a heavily fresh-lobster-laden salad on a deliciously toasted roll specially made for the restaurant. The sandwiches come with mayo but may be ordered “naked,” with drawn butter and lemon wedges on the side. For anyone watching their fat intake or on a weight-loss diet, the USDA states that “lobster is one of the healthiest and leanest proteins available; it is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are proven to reduce hardening of the arteries and risk of heart disease; and it contains less cholesterol, calories, and saturated fats than lean beef, pork, shrimp or even the light meat of chicken.
In addition, lobster provides an abundance of copper, which may help overweight or obese women retain calcium in their bones while they’re dieting.”


Enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere in the heart of Redwood City. Old Port Lobster Shack offers 40+ seating places, surrounding a seaside shack set up that will make your dining exquisite and enjoyable. Carefully selected music, video projector and interior design will make you feel like home of Maine. Lobster Shack indoor includes Beer and Wine, you can enjoy any wine from our offerings and Beers on Tap.

Lobster Shack can host large groups too, so if you need more seats for your feast simply send us an email, or call us by phone.

old port lobster indoor


Enjoy your dining at Lobster Shack outdoor by natural wooden tables and plenty of space. Lobster Shack offers 30+ seating places which can be rearranged for large groups and special events like corporate parties.